Biscotti are a sought after dessert in many parts of the world besides Italy

Italian Biscotti with Almonds.

Many different Italian desserts are very poplar, but biscotti are one of the more popular and suitable for any occasion. They are a nice dessert to serve if you are having a light lunch with friends, or a big dinner with family, or even for an after school snack for children .

This is not a dessert that will go to waste in my home whenever I make it. Of course, everyone loves dessert, and many people find it difficult to refuse something sweet. Even those who don't eat dessert or sweet things very often, their sweet tooth comes out now and then.

The Biscotti Pudding recipe below is simple, tasty, and very easy to prepare.

Here are the ingredients required:

2 packets of ready made pudding of your choice
1 packet of soft biscotti
1 small container of Cool Whip

Cut the biscotti lengthwise and put them in a big enough dish. Pour a layer of pudding onto that. Exchange layers of both biscotti and pudding until there is no more. Spread the Cool Whip over the top and refrigerate before serving.

Ialian desserts are well known in more places than Italy. They are very popular in most restaurants and in homes. Moms love to make desserts for their families, and there is nothing better than a lovely Italian dish to go with a Sunday lunch or a great family dinner.

Italians love cakes, tiramisu, fruit tarts, tortoni, panettone (sweet breads), lots of different types of cookies - made with fruits,nuts, raisins, candied fruits, and so much more. Some recipes are easy and can be made in thirty minutes, while others are more complicated and take a few hours to prepare, and some need to be left for 24 hours before being served.

Desserts can be made using different ingredients, so make sure that it contains nothing people you are serving may be allergic to. That's the perfect way to ruin a good evening filled with good food, so take precaution to avoid it!

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