Bread - Pane

Pani e Pizze, or Breads and Pizzas, are specialties in Italy!
Different forms of bread have been made and eaten since prehistoric times. The earliest records of leavened breads come from Egypt, and breads remain a staple in Italy. Italian breads often include olive oil, and frequently include herbs. The delicious rustic Italian breads bear little resemblance to those sold in the U.S.

I have tried numerous recipes for Italian bread over the years, and somehow I always seem to come back to the one I use throughout this section of the book. I also use it for all of my pizzas -- the same way my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother did, without changes.

KNEADING BY HAND: A mixer is not required to knead bread; it can easily be done by hand. Simply add the flour to the water mixture slowly, while mixing well with a wooden spoon. Then transfer it to a breadboard and follow the same process that is used in the second kneading as described below in the second paragraph of each recipe.


Rustic Italian Bread- Pane Rustico
Pizza di Zucchini- Zucchini Pizza
Summer Bread - Pane Bagnato
Italian Bread Roll - Sfilatino Imbottito

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