Cassino is a Province of Frosinone

Coat of Arms - Cassino

Cassino or Cassinum, as it was called in Latin, is located at the edge of the region called Lazio. It borders with the neighboring Campania region and it sits about 100 miles south east of Rome.

This area and its surrounding territory of small towns is also called Ciociaria. The name originated from the type of shoes worn by the sheepherders who populated the area long ago.

Geographically, the area looks much like Sonoma County, California, with gently rolling green hills, rivers, trees, and vineyards.

The weather is more drastic than in Northern California, though. The winters are rainy and somewhat colder, with thick morning frost. The summers are warmer and more humid than Sonoma County.

View of Cassino in a fog from Montecassino

The one thing Sonoma County and Ciociaria have in common is the fog that often surrounds them during the fall and winter months.

The interesting historical background that brought Cassino to the city it is today bears mention, and it will be coming in the near future.

Click this link to see a map of Cassino and Frosinone, and be sure to shrink it down quite a bit for better view.

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