I grew up in Italy. Learned to cook when I was very young -- mostly out of necessity and discipline.

Necessity because my mother was usually working and had little time for cooking.

Discipline because my parents believed that their children (my twin brothers and I) should go out into the world well prepared.

And my parents succeeded in that feat!

This area and its surrounding territory of small towns is also called Ciociaria. The name originated from the type of shoes worn by the sheepherders who populated the area long ago.

I have done a lot of cooking over the years; at first, for a family of five while I was growing up in Italy.

Later, after I got married and moved to the United States, I cooked for a family of four.

I have also had the pleasure of cooking for many large gatherings -- with satisfying and rewarding results.

Now, for the pleasure of it, I want to share my knowledge and experience -- with the hope that many others will enjoy it as much as I do.

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