Pasta Recipes - Pasta

Pasta -- it's more than just spaghetti!

Pasta is made from basically flour and water, but there are many different shapes, and forms, as well as more than 300 kinds of pasta. Many use eggs and/or oil, and/or wine, or herbs or spices or cheese.

Sauces and accompaniments vary widely, from a simple pesto or cheese sauce to long-simmered meat and tomato sauces, to sardines and fennel.

There are some quick easy pasta recipes on this site made with my favorite ingredients, and are not the conventional.

One of my favorite ingredient is the pasta, and the brand is definitely Barilla. Perhaps it's because this pasta brand has been around ever since I can remember.

We used it at home when I lived in Italy. My family still uses it, and whenever there is pasta on my table, and it's not homemade, you can be sure it's Barilla!

Enjoy some of my favorite pasta dishes!


Summertime Pasta - Pasta D'Estate
Spaghettini in Anchovy Sauce - Spaghettini con Accuge
Rotini in Tuna - Rotini al Tonno

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