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The Last Figs

Claudia Palombo

The weather has been very nice here in Northern California the last three or four weeks. Up to this past Sunday we actually had record braking temperatures; it was that hot! It was perfect for the last of the figs to finish ripening, though they are more of a late summer fruit. They have not lost any of their sweetness; they are just as succulent as the first ones.

Yesterday was a good day for a trip to Luigi and Giuseppina's place; hadn't seen them in a while. I got there and Giuseppina was already at the door. We gave each other a hug and I went to say hello to her 94 year old mom. After that she called me in the kitchen because she had saved me a plate of spaghetti from their lunch. They were still warm and delicious. She is incredible! And can she cook!

Luigi was out back in the "repostigli" (storage rooms). Those rooms are so well organized they look neat as pins. And he loves to be out there overlooking the vineyard, the trees, the vegetable garden. He come in a little later and we sat and talked for a while. I love to talk with them; I could stay the whole day and think nothing of it, if I had the time.

He'd been picking fruits and vegetables. He brought in 3 different kinds of figs and a box of peppers. By then, Giuseppina had already asked me if I wanted to take home some persimmons. Not the flat Japanese kind called "fuyu". Their tree didn't produce many of those this year, but they had way more than they could eat of the pointy, larger kind. I don't have a tree of those, so I said I'd take a few. Luigi promptly went out and came back a little while later with the bag of persimmons. He handed it to me the and told me to bring the bag back; it was his favorite! Then he disappeared again and came back a few minutes later with wine..."for Thanksgiving dinner", he said.

Needless to say it took both of them to help me carry stuff to my car as I had some books to carry. We all feel good when we don't waste what we grow, so we share with other people and among ourselves whatever the other doesn't have.

As the saying goes,"Waste not want not"!

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