Claudia has help now...

... as well as a very cool web site. I'd like to be able to take credit for that, but I just do the clean up and reformatting around this site. Claudia and SBI get the real credit!

Hi, my name is Adam Bushey and I want to talk to you a bit, about my friend Claudia and about Site Build It (SBI.)

I have eaten a lot of Claudia's cooking, and I have to say, I like her "goodies" the best! The cookies and deserts are just too tasty for words.

Those ribbon cookies with orange flavored icing and candy sprinkles she makes - I recall eating way too many of them...

Anyway, you might wonder why I am here on her site. I, by no means, am a web designer. I do know computers and enough HTML to build a page or two.

Claudia had her site up and running, using just an editor and all the Solo Build It tools, before talking to me about "helping" her with some small changes and clean up of her site code.

I had never really looked at Claudia's site or Solo Build It before that, but Claudia, much like the others, really had high praises for the Solo Build It system. After looking the site over I found it worked well and was interesting and packed full of information and stories.

I was very surprised Claudia had built all this as she is good in the kitchen, but not so great with computers. This really says a lot for Solo Build It in my book.

After getting involved with this site I had to learn how Solo Build It worked, if I was to be of any help at all. Solo Build It is one of the best laid out and most detailed web site developing systems I have seen.

If I were going to buy a web site package I would choose Solo Build It. The ''start to finish and beyond" mind set is almost overwhelming until you start at the beginning. The entire system is laid out in simple to follow steps, that lead the way to what many users of Solo Build It have found to be a great way to work and live.

The Solo Build It system can tell you much more about itself then I ever could. Try out some of the links on this page, to get a feel of what Solo Build It is about and try Claudia's cook book and other pages to see what kind of kitchen fun she has whipped up for you.

Now that I understand more of how Solo Build It works I will be helping Claudia to implement some of the newest additions to Solo Build It. One of then is web 2.0 has arrived at Solo Build It!

Watch for new pages and new ways to interact with Claudia's site, and remember, one simple editor and one powerful system known as Solo Build It and you can have a web site like you never even dared to dream about, and soon you could be making your dreams come true.

Adam Bushey

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